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  RCA is a site-specific installation at the Tube Factory Artspace in Indianapolis. All materials were salvaged from a massive former RCA complex that was last used as a recycling plant, filled with abandoned, un-recycled waste. Plastic, paper, foam - thousands of recyclables that would never be recycled, melted and distorted from failed arson attempts. Burned polystyrene foam, dozens of plastic blobs melted by fires, fragments of fast food signage, nifty anthropomorphic food-character murals, and dozens of other artifacts. The resulting installation uses the Tube as a kind of ceremonial dystopian styro temple, a future foamy glacier, a visceral talismanic alien reliquary. Also featuring 4 food doodz, Bad Graffiti photos, the last sheetrock fragments of Nipper the dog, listening to an RCA/Victor phonograph, and 4 videos including one shot during my time spent in the RCA factory. Lastly, I managed to install a makeshift 20-foot McDonald's sign offsite, built from un-recycled RCA building fragments, nestled into the brush along the wondrous Bean Creek. Hashtag I'm Lovin' It.