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IN THE STRAIT OF THE CRIMSON NAIN, AN OBSERVATION BY SCOTT HOCKING is an ongoing photo series documenting the disappearing wonders of Detroit

Eye of Providence

Psychic Reader Little Church Mondrian Someplace Else Thunderbird Happy Garage Scarface Big Cat Egypt - Detroit - Mayor Dennis Archer Little Mary's Red Sea Faygo Orange Body Work Center of Hope Treasure Chest Geo Metro Limo Lighthouse Windmill Market Charlie The Pencilman's McKenzie Smile 'merica Coming Soon Matty Maroun Square Deal - Honor Bright - Black Beauty Haunted House Daily Double Coffee To Go Blackstone Meat Malice Green Diamonds The Wheel Black Jack Community Use Electric Street Live Bait Michigan's Best Green Dot Air (summer) Air (winter) I-Rock Duchess Lounge Cooley Lounge Sydney Bogg Chocolates is now The Haunted Busride 2 Believe - Love - Just Stop Chene Ferry Market Mystery Machine Tom's Tavern Sam's Pharmacy Mr. Hub Cap We're Going Places! Chris & Sammie Quarter Car Wash Suds 80s Lady Audio Visual Horsepower Three Wisemen Mr. Iowa Rusty Sputnik See Owl Blessed Garage The Moped of the 80s Doctors Ford Old Mammoth Webster Cigars Black History See You Inside Flea Mart Bowl of Hygieia or a Snake and the Letter R Drinking a Martini with Straws Tattoo Tyme Will a Man Rob God? God Parking God Entrance All Pray to One God Detroit City Cemetery is a Rock Nuclear Family Know Thy Self Yellow Pages Detroit Love Pizza The African Amalgamation of Ubiquity Buy the Bluebird Inn Bee Printery Jumpstart Star Garage Snoopy Daffy Duck with a Porpoise, 2 Cows, 2 Roses, and the Sun There Is A Lot Of Ways To Be Safe Model T 7 Up The Uncola Free Souvenirs from Detroit Please Take Some Home Today! Mr. Fix It Detroit Social Van Club Nortown Ships Coleman A. Young Come Unite No Monkey Business You're in the Right Place at the Right Time 10 Commandments Stray Dogs The Future Free Style Decaying Delray Crib in the Hood Jesus Cadillac Fence The Scene Beauty Building America Get Back Up Learn to Fly Wilson's Cow Blessed Hands Rosa Parks Hollywood Kenny Jones Talk of the Town Welcome to Twisted Pirate Stickman Giant Swans - Chrysler Sailboat Last Round Up Tavern - You've Been Warned - I Will Kill Salvation Hand Car Wash - Free Hot Dogs

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