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  Vicksburg-Voltri (2023)
  Floating Citadel (2022)
  Detroit Stories: Retrospective at Cranbrook Art Museum (2022-23)
  Hocking Retrograde (2022-23)
  Nike Of The Strait (2020-21)
  Kayaking Through The Quarantimes (2020-21)
  Arkansas Traveler (2020)
  Bone Black (2019)
  Seventeen Shitty Mountains, Vol 2 (2019)
  Seventeen Shitty Mountains, Vol 1 (2018)
  The Sleeper / Cowcatcher (2018)
  OLD (2018)
  Hanging Cairn (2017)
  Massa Confusa (2017)
  RCA (2016)
  Babel (2015-2016)
  Celestial Ship of the North (Emergency Ark) AKA the Barnboat (2015)
  SIGNS (2015-present)
  Narcissus Incorporated (2015)
  Lot Circles (2014-present)
  Rustic Sputnik (2016) / Rusty Sputnik (2013)
  Coronal Mass Ejection (2013)
  The Egg and Michigan Central Train Station (2007-2013)
  Mercury Retrograde (2012)
  The End of the World (2012)
  The Quarry / Steinbruch (2013)
  The Secrets of Nature (2012-2014)
  Garden of the Gods (2009-2011)
  Tartarus (2011)
  Triumph of Death (2010)
  Sisyphus and the Voice of Space (2010)
  New Mound City (2010)
  Ziggurat and Fisher Body 21 (2007-2009)
  Roosevelt Warehouse and the Cauldron (2007-2010)
  Cast Concrete in the Auto Age (2008-present)
  Fountain of Youth Vending Machine (2008-2010)
  Lao Zhu and the Flour Factory (2009)
  Detroit Midden Mound (2008)
  Tire Pyramid (2006)
  Animals (2006)
  Icelandic Saga (2006)
  RELICS (2001-2023)
  2,222 (1998)
  In The Strait Of The Crimson Nain (2007-present)
  Detroit Nights (2007-present)
  Shipwrecks (1999-present)
  Delrazed (2007-present)
  Mid Century Modern Playground Sculptures (2007-present)
  Kayaking The Rouge / Kayaking Detroit (2016-present)
  Bad Graffiti (2007-present)
  Buffed Detroit (2012-present)
  Scenes From The Railroad (1999-present)
  The Mound Project (2007-present)
  The Zone (1999-present)
  Service Stations (2007-present)
  Holes (2007-present)
  Memorials (2007-present)
  Wildlife (2007-present)
  Scrappers (2000-2004)
  Found Slides (2000-2004)
  Pictures of a City - Detroit (1997-2006)
  Alchemical Works and Drawings (1997-present)
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    penny stamps lecture at university of michigan ------> scott hocking, metamorphosist  
    rca: scott hocking at the tube factory artspace artist talk - rca project, tube factory  
    detroit performs episode 101, pbs kresge artist fellowship interview  
    the way of the shovel: art as archaeology - mca wxyz detroit interview  
    modern art notes podcast no. 113 - tyler green culture file - irish public radio  
    penny stamps lecture at u.i.c.a. grand rapids installation tour - grinnell college  
    day in detroit: hanging with hocking - manda moran lecture excerpt - grinnell college  
    mercury retrograde / reptile room - site lab site lab at the morton interview  
    creative catalyst: detroit and the packard plant institute for the humanities - u of m  
    detroit: hope for the motor city/ciudad fantasma get in my car and drive: detroit  
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    massa confusa - hambidge center for the arts rca - the tube factory artspace  
    detroit after dark - detroit institute of arts 99 cents or less - mocad  
    lille 3000: renaissance the secrets of nature - site:lab  
    detroit: artists in residence - mattress factory end of the world - hilberry gallery  
    the way of the shovel: art as archaeology - mca art x detroit - mocad  
    learning from detroit - kunstverein wolfsburg here - pafa museum  
    detroit revealed - detroit institute of arts detroit - kunsthalle wien  
    kresge arts in detroit - the kresge foundation susanne hilberry gallery 2010  
    heartland - van abbemuseum - smart museum sculpture space new york  
    front room - contemporary art museum st louis shrinking cities project  
    university of michigan institute for the humanities susanne hilberry gallery 2006  
    artists take on detroit - detroit institute of arts mark(s)zine - oracle  
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