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BAD GRAFFITI is a photo series documenting the abundance of hilariously terrible one-off tags that could be found around Detroit for years. Focused on the seven-year period between 2007 and 2014, the series collects images of vulgar, juvenile, poorly scrawled, misspelled, dumb, ridiculous, and sometimes spectacularly “bad” graffiti. The antithesis of universally praised “good” graffiti, the Bad Graf project is dedicated to the drunken dudes who mindlessly paint giant penises on whatever walls they encounter. Though still an ongoing photo project, the proliferation of bad graffiti was effectively halted once the city began enforcing blight violation codes in 2015.

Fancy-ass prologue, from the Bad Graffiti book


Close My Ass

Church of Dork Creamy Honkey Ass Snowflake Bitch White Chocolat R.I.P Q-Nasty S.S. Little Mermaid is a Whore Penis - Vomit Man - Satan Detroit - Meow Cats Meow - Tortoise - Baby Tortoise - Masked Man - Smoking Man and Woman with Boobs Shit Fart I Fucked Your Mom In The Ass Back Here, with Four Penises Scorpio's N Geminis 4 Life 2011 Leather Daddy RIP A Bitch Ass Nigga Do Not Cum In Here Giant Penis Trumps All Blac Tit! Frog, with Balls and a Penis Dick Slap Yo Face Biatch - Man with Bass Guitar Penis Tricky Trout Jr. I Like Boobs Regular Niggas Do Regular Shit Sex No Ass Dumping Shit 2 Penises Strongman Shooting Penis - Hail 666 Eat Me Buzz - Im A Human Fly Stegosaurus - Man Hanging from Stegosaurus Sized Penis - Fuck Your Foot! Salad Have A Nice Fuckin Day Fuck The Police The Pussy Monster Pony Tail Piggy Nasty Spongebob Squarepants saying Fuck, with Toucan Sam Real Hoe's Stay Strong - Chrisy is Real Fuck You Hoe Obama Crying and Smoking a Doobie 3 Fingered Boy Walking a Dog, Flipping the Bird, and Saying Ooze - with Skull and Crossbones Friends Facebook Me: Cum Guzzler Illuminati? Bicth Hoes is Here Butta AKA Booty Licker Love Hello Kitty - Love Hello Kitty - Love Pooh Bear - Love Mickey Mouse Destruction Mayhem Eightball Dirty Ed Freaky Al Freeballs In Your Mouth Celestial Gang Glyphs Get Well Larry - Fuck Them Cats Cash Clown Crip Blood Man with Hat - Home of the Brave - Drug Money Sex - Murder Foolin Chedda Ave - It's Dinner Time! RIP CEO Squid - Squid Said What Up 6 Mile Yung Gutta Lordz 7 Mile Breadwinners Post 1 Ricky is a Twat Goon Zone Half Bake - Stay The Fuck O Moose Balls Don't Play With Me Akron City Ohio Rules - Fuck U Kyle Welcome - Haunted Fuck Hole Spouting Whale - Sad Creature - Hello?

Aquatic Scene