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  Babel 2015-2016
  RCA 2016
  Signs 2015-present
  Celestial Ship of the North (Emergency Ark) 2015
  Narcissus Incorporated 2015
  Lot Circles 2014-present
  Rusty Sputnik 2013 / Rustic Sputnik 2016
  Coronal Mass Ejection 2013
  The Egg and Michigan Central Train Station 2007-2013
  In The Strait Of The Crimson Nain 2007-present
  Detroit Nights 2007-present
  Shipwrecks 1999-present
  Mercury Retrograde 2012
  The End of the World 2012
  The Quarry / Steinbruch 2013
  The Secrets of Nature 2012-2014
  Cast Concrete in the Auto Age 2008-present
  Bad Graffiti 2007-present
  The Mound Project 2007-present
  Garden of the Gods 2009-2011
  Tartarus 2011
  Triumph of Death 2010
  Sisyphus and the Voice of Space 2010
  New Mound City 2010
  Ziggurat and Fisher Body 21 2007-2009
  Roosevelt Warehouse and the Cauldron 2007-2010
  Fountain of Youth Vending Machine 2008-2010
  The Zone 1999-2010
  Lao Zhu and the Flour Factory 2009
  Detroit Midden Mound 2008
  RELICS 2001-2016
  Tire Pyramid 2006
  Animals 2006
  Icelandic Saga 2006
  Scrappers 2000-2004
  Found Slides 2000-2004
  Pictures of a City - Detroit 1997-2006
  Alchemical Works 1997-2006


News -- from Oct 16 - Dec 12 I'll be doing a residency and site-specific project at Instituto Sacatar in Bahia, Brazil -- follow me on Instagram @scotthockingdetroit and Facebook for updates

-- photos from Detroit Nights will be featured in the Detroit Institute of Arts exhibition Detroit After Dark, opening Oct 21 - Detroit Nights the book is also available at Nora Modern

-- RCA, a site-specific installation at the Tube Factory Artspace in Indianapolis, runs through October 16 --- and includes arambling conversation with Cranbrook curator Laura Mott

-- throughout 2016, I will be working on a project funded by the Knight Foundation / Knight Arts Challenge Grantcalled: Signs - which will be installed site-specifically around Detroit

-- Babel (below) is currently on display as part of the Lille 3000: Renaissance triennial festival at the Gare Saint Sauveur in Lille, France, through November 2016

- RCA installation (below left) at the Tube Factory Artspace in Indianapolis, August - October 2016 --- Rustic Sputnik (below right) installed as part of Site-Lab's exhibition Everything Is Transformed, part of the Rumsey Street Project in Grand Rapids, MI, September - October, 2016

- The Celestial Ship of the North, aka Emergency Ark, aka Barnboat (below) permanently installed onsite in Port Austin, MI, 2015 --A great chat about the Ark w/ Rosie Sharp: here--- Narcissus Inc. (below), a site-specific, permanent installation at a former factory on Detroit's eastside, created as part of Detroit Boom City, curated by Atlanta's Dashboard, 2015